What is Coaching?

What is Career Coaching?

Do you want to …

  • explore career paths that interest you?
  • make informed decisions about those career paths?
  • set goals and understand how to achieve those goals?
  • understand your strengths and how those strengths translate into the workforce?
  • be professionally successful?
  • spend your day in a satisfying job?
  • have fulfillment in your career?
  • live a life that is professionally and personally rewarding?


Setting and achieving goals can be difficult and overwhelming, and change is hard even for those who embrace it. Having the support and guidance needed during times of transition or indecision can be extremely helpful in mapping a course of discovery and action.

A career coach can be that support system, that guide. Whether it is transition coaching to help you pivot careers, transporting your skills from one occupation to another; a college coach to help you choose the right institution or academic degree program, and help you get there; or a career coach to help you to articulate aspirations, develop a plan and take effective action to meet professional and personal goals, working with a coach can be a supportive and collaborative partnership that encourages personal accountability and achieves results you are proud of.

The areas of focus available in working with me to achieve your goals are:

Career and Professional Development Coaching

Who are you and who do you want to be? A career coach can help you understand and identify potential career opportunities for you – short and long term. Do you want to work in the same industry or change industries completely, or do you like what you do, but maybe just want to do it in a different organization? A career coach can help you get to know yourself, and help you discover what your future holds.

Work performance. Executive coaching can enable you to become a top performer through education, accountability and guidance on change management, time management, building confidence, becoming a better leader or executive, and much more. These areas of work performance are critical to job success and many of us aren’t as professionally polished in these areas as we would like to be.

Job search. A career coach can help you write your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. They also support you in your search by improving your interview skills, your ability to network effectively, enhance your elevator pitch, teach you how to brand yourself, and build your confidence.

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College Coaching

College Coaching is designed to individually assist high school, college transfer and graduate students with their college research, preparation and application process. Whether you are looking at trade programs, undergraduate institutions, or interested in pursuing a graduate degree, the goal of college coaching is to provide the individualized guidance needed to gain admission into the best program that fits your academic profile, personality, and career dreams. We offer help for every step of the admissions process, starting from academic course planning and personal profile enhancement to selecting where to attend college, as well as setting a strategy for success as you matriculate into your dream program and help you make sound decisions along the way. 

*We do not offer SAT/ACT Prep services, nor do we work directly with admissions officers to help students gain admissions into their preferred college of choice. 

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