Training for Career Coaching Professionals

What Do I Mean By Training for Career Coaching Professionals?

Now more than ever, people of all ages and stages are seeking  coaching support and guidance for their career exploration and professional growth.

Job seekers and career changers want to work with a knowledgeable professional versed in the latest exploration techniques and search technologies. Let’s work together to build your practice, develop your skills, and refine your expertise. We’ll design a Coaching package that’s right for your short and long-term goals. Connect with me for a free consultation! Learn more about me.


New or Aspiring Career Professionals:

  • Understand how coaches change lives
  • Develop your own style to leverage your coaching strengths
  • Learn how to build your client base
  • Understand how to utilize your professional strengths
  • Draft your personal coaching brand and identity
  • Receive direction on how to price your services
  • Create a strategic plan for professional growth
  • Gain visibility as a leader in the field

Mid Career or Seasoned Career Professionals:

  • Refine your skills and expertise – manage your coaching     weaknesses
  • Learn new coaching techniques – advance the basics
  • Perfect your use of powerful questioning
  • Rise above your competitors are a sought after expert
  • Learn how to deliver hi quality results in less time
  • Practice techniques to inspire those around you to achieve             their goals
  • Take your professional strengths to a whole new level
  • Set a strategic growth plan for senior leadership roles
  • Map out opportunities to share your expertise with other             career professionals

Facilitating Career Developments (FCD) – A training that leads to TWO Career Coaching Credentials

Learn to master your craft and continually advance your career and leadership effectiveness. The Facilitating Career Developments course leads to the Internationally recognized Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential and the nationally recognized Certifed Career Services Professional (CCSP). Credential holders are trained to help people, both individually and in a group setting, and make informed decisions when considering their own career and professional development. Through the use of best practices, assessment tools, and career development models, the credential equips each individual with the knowledge and skills to embark on their professional journey and hone their expertise.

Global Career Development Facilitator

Become a coach who knows how to get to the root cause of any situation and create change where it matters most. Credential holders find rewarding careers in government agencies, human resources departments, nonprofit organizations, correctional institutions, private practice consumer advocacy agencies, and various departments within the K-12 and higher education sectors. Specific levels of education and work experience ARE required.

Benefits of the GCDF credentials include:

  • Recognized International, Portable Credential
  • An In-depth Skills and Knowledge Refresh
  • A Marketable Certification
  • Professional Recognition
  • Clarification of Scope and Practice

Learn more about the GCDF Credential.

Certified Career Services Provider

This multi-purpose credential includes a demonstration of competence in the essential skills needed to provide career services in any setting. CCSP is intended for providers offering career support in an array of roles and settings; such as consultants, coaches, advisors, workforce practitioners, facilitators, trainers, recruiters, and resume writers. Completion of the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training is required before applying for the CCSP Credential. Specific levels of education and work experience are NOT required.

Learn more about the CCSP credential.

Facilitating Career Development (FCD)

The path to either the GCDF Credential or the CCSP Credential starts with the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training. A FCD certificate of completion holder is a person who has completed the Facilitating Career Development Training program and works in any career development setting or who incorporates career development information or skills in their work with students, adults, clients, employees, or the public. This person has received in-depth training in the areas of career development in the form of up to 120+ instructional hours, provided by a nationally trained and qualified instructor.

Advance your professional journey! Learn more about  the Facilitating Career Developments Course.

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