Are You Making a New Year’s Resolution?

It’s 2017! This year I will NOT …

… lose weight.

… have better time management.

… be a better friend, spouse, parent, co-worker.

… achieve work/life balance.

… eat healthier.

And, of course, I will NOT accomplish my career dreams.

WHY? Because I know myself, and my track record of aborting my goals by mid-year is certain! That is why this year, I will not make myself another year-long promise I know I can’t keep …

…and as your career coach, I am forbidding you to do the same!

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology (2016) 35% of people give up on their New Year’s resolution within two months! Unfortunately, it gets worse!

By the sixth month, 54% have given up or failed at their resolution and …

By this time next year, 92% of people will have abandoned their goal altogether.

That’s a whopping 8% that actually achieve New Year’s resolution success!

Now, I’m not a mathematician, but from what I can tell, those aren’t great odds. Quite depressing actually, given statistically, the majority of us will end 2017 as losers! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like losing.

So – this year, instead of making another promise to myself that I’m bound to break, I’m replacing my New Year’s resolution with a New Month Resolution!

And If you’re like me – and 47% of the population – your resolution typically centers around some sort of professional growth. A fresh start to focus on you, and your unique talents and contributions.

So, what is my New Month Resolution? To help YOU achieve your professional goals!

Connect with me this month to learn how to uncover your unique in 2017!

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