It is college acceptance season and the most pressing question on my clients’ minds is how are we going to pay! College is a huge investment – for anyone – and navigating the mounds of advice, information, and resources available can be overwhelming and confusing. The funding research and application stages take a LOT of time, so it is helpful to know where to begin. There are a couple of sites I’ve found that can be useful in answering preliminary funding questions and, if needed, pointing you in a financial direction that is right for you and your family.

The first is a review of the best scholarship search platforms of 2018. I like this site because it is easy to understand, provides great information that isn’t regurgitated from other sites, and has legitimate funding options. For each of the sites mentioned, a review of the pro’s and con’s are offered as well as a site rating for overall usefulness.

The second is a review from the US News and World Report on the five most overlooked ways to pay for college. Now, I do not agree the options they give are overlooked – they are actually pretty mainstream in terms of funding options. However, the resources they share within the article when explaining each of the funding options are actually pretty necessary resources for anyone who is or will be funding post-secondary education.

Of course, if after you’ve reviewed this information, you’re still confused or have questions, connect with me directly at Happy hunting!