College Coaching

No matter the grades, the scores, or the goals, there is a school out there for everyone.

Every college and university throughout the country is unique in mission, composition, and character, but they all share a common goal: finding students who are the best “fit” for their respective campuses.

For students and family members, the pressure to succeed and gain acceptance into a quality college, university or professional school can be extremely overwhelming. All students enter the college search, admissions, and transition process differently. The college admission coaching process can help you understand yourself better and determine what is most important in your college experience. Whether your best match is a small liberal arts college, a large research university, a highly selective Ivy League school, a college that balances academics and faith, a community college or trade school, or a performing arts conservatory, the goal is to identify and gain admission to a right-fit school where you will thrive academically and personally.

Working with a coach can ease the stress and burden students and family members often face. Career In Progress offers a comprehensive range of coaching sessions that give you the confidence to tackle and overcome admission hurdles.

  • One-To-One Admission Consultation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personal Statement
  • School Selection
  • Reference Consulting/ Recommendation Letter
  • Application Process

Working with a coach can help you bring your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills to the forefront, and make an emphatic case for admissions with powerfully written application essays and interview preparation.


Each Student Receives:

  • A Personal Coaching Plan (PCP) that outlines the students college transition goals
  • 6-weeks of weekly individual Coaching sessions last 45 minutes (virtual Coaching available)
  • Coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the student (academic, personal, social)
  • E-Mail outreach to ensure student is on track for weekly goal

Free 30 minute consultation to determine coach/client match and to determine needs.

College Coaching Admissions Package starting at: $1,500.

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