Facilitating Career Developments

in partnership with Castleton University

What You’ll Learn


The training covers the following competencies:

  • Labor Market Information (LMI) and Resources
  • Assessment
  • Helping Skills
  • Working with Diverse Populations
  • Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Career Development Theories and Models
  • Employability Skills
  • Training Clients and Peers
  • Program Management and Implementation
  • Promotion and Public Relations
  • Technology and Career Development
  • Consultation/Supervision


Coaching for Coaches: Facilitating Career Development leads to two highly sought after and recognizable credentials in the field of career services: The Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential – an internationally recognized credential for professionals serving in a variety of occupations related to career development support and facilitation or the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential – a nationally recognized credential provided by NCDA: the first and most established career development professional organization in the field. 

To earn either credential, a candidate must complete a minimum of 120 hours of Facilitating Career Development curriculum taught under the direct supervision of a Facilitating Career Development Instructor (FCDI) and apply for credentialing through one of the two credentialing bodies listed above.

Visit the NCDA website for information on course history and competency details.

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Become Credentialed in the field: Facilitating Career Development

          The Facilitating Career Development (FCD) course is intended for professionals and paraprofessionals who provide career-related services in a variety of settings such as higher education, K-12 schools, government agencies, business and industry, private practice, and community-based organizations. Completing the course enables individuals to work more effectively in any career development setting, incorporating career development information or skills in their work with students, adults, clients, employees, or the public. Your FCD training includes 120+ hours of in-depth instructional hours, provided by a nationally trained and qualified instructor.

          Designed to serve as an opportunity for professional enrichment, FCD students apply this certificate towards achieving international credentialing as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) or a Certified Career Services Provider™ (CCSP) through the National Career Development Association. Either credential includes demonstrated competence in the essential skills needed to provide career services in any setting.

*Registering with credit card incurs a 5% processing fee

Other Ways to Pay:

Payment by Venmo: @careerinprogress 

Request Invoice: To request a course invoice, email Dr. Heather N. Maietta, course instructor at heather@careerinprogress.com.

Payment by Check: To pay for the course via check, make check payable to Career In Progress and mail to Career In Progress, 2 Marie Ann Drive, Westford, MA 01886

Cost: $1,200 course only; $1,575 with optional three (3) college credits awarded by Castleton University.

Course Start Dates: Begin 1st of every month 

Student Manual: $150 paid separately to NCDA. See below to order. 

How You’ll Learn

In Person Component

The in person component of the training consists of virtual face-to-face class meeting dates scheduled using Zoom software at the convenience of the student during the course of the program to check in with the instructor for successful course forward movement. 

Each student has control over the pace of their training within the 10-week time frame of the course. The course must be completed in full 10 weeks from the course start date to receive full course credit/certificate of completion. Extension options are available. Extension fees apply and are paid directly to the instructor, (not affiliated with Castleton University-see instructor for details). Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent with training logistics and additional information. 

Online Component

The online component of the course allows you to control the pace of your training within the completion timeline. The online modules are built to complement the in person training. You complete the course with your peers, participating in forum discussions and group activities virtually.

You also engage in your Independent Study project using the online platform as your resource library and sharing/brainstorming platform. Independent Study project ideas will be shared virtually on the forum.

Training, Facilitation and Supplies Costs


$1200 per person for Facilitating Career Developments Course, which includes the learning platform and virtual instruction, supplemental learning materials, and office hours. Payment can be made via check or credit card (5% credit card processing fees apply). If paying via credit card, use the link above. If paying by check, email for an invoice.


The NCDA Student Manual ($150) is paid directly to NCDA when ordering. The manual comes in eBook or print format. Participants are asked to purchase the student manual directly through the NCDA website. To order the Ecopy, click here. To order the print edition, click here. Print edition books take approximately 1- week to arrive, so plan accordingly. Standard shipping fees apply.


Castleton College Credit: Three undergraduate or graduate credits can be earned by completing the FCD course for those who qualify @ $125/graduate credit hour. Total college credit costs of $375 are payable to Career In Progress at the time of registration. Career In Progress will deliver completed FCD course certificate of completion along with credit payment to Castleton upon successful completion of the FCD course, at which time you will receive documentation of earned credit from Castleton University.


Required Information from Castleton University: Below is important documentation to download, review, and act on if you are receiving college credit for this course. To view the course and the Castleton University details, visit: FCD Course Catalog Information

Step 1: To register for the FCD course, click Register

Step 2: View your Student Welcome Letter from CFS Fall 2020

Step 3: Access student portal: Castleton University’s Student Access System


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