Career Coaching


Career coaching for new professionals

Are you a new or up and coming professional who is…

Facing graduation without a job? Plagued with doubt about your personal and professional future? Unsure how your education and experiences connect to the world-of-work? Overwhelmed with the responsibility of a job search? Looking to stand out in the crowd?

Career Coaching for upcoming and new graduates can help you:

  • Examine your goals
  • Identify your skills and abilities
  • Create your professional brand
  • Polish your professional documents
  • Leverage social media
  • Create a targeted job search
  • Practice interviewing techniques
  • Understand and perfect the negotiation process
  • Get you ready for your first day on the job

With Career In Progress you can enter the job market armed with the tools for success. Together we will identify and land the job that’s right for you in any market.


Career coaching for those in transition or looking for change

Are you a professional in transition who…

Wants a new career, but isn’t sure what that might be? Feels stressed, unhappy, unsatisfied or unappreciated at work? Has taken a career break and now interested in re-entry? Needs help with your career transition? Is being downsized or laid off from your job and needs a new career path? Wants to build a valuable network, but doesn’t know how? Is missing job opportunities because you don’t interview well?

Career Coaching for Professionals in Transition can help you:

  • Point your skills and abilities in a new direction
  • Develop a powerful resume
  • Perfect high impact interviewing skills
  • Conduct an effective job search
  • Get promoted
  • Grow your professional brand

Every day Career In Progress helps professionals move into a more meaningful and inspiring careers. The truth is that 90% of people need help with their resume, job search and career accountability. Knowing that, you can’t afford to NOT have a career coach. Experience, knowledge and powerful coaching will give you everything you need for a fast and easy career change!


Professional development coaching to refresh skills and revamp image

Are you a career re-launcher or seasoned professional who…

Needs help presenting yourself so that you are appreciated, admired and respected in your industry? Is having trouble reflecting on what you are trying to achieve? Is successful, but can’t seem to take your success to the next level? Took a voluntary career break and is now looking to get back in to the workforce?

Over 86 percent of companies said they use coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders.

Professional Development Coaching can help you:

  • Identify and align personal values with organization’s values
  • refresh your outdated business and professional skills
  • Craft your professional documents
  • Complete a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for you and your department
  • Enhance your image
  • Evaluate and perfect your communication style

Professional development coaching with Career In Progress gives you the chance to consider what is currently happening in your work environment. Together, we identify possible options moving forward in your short and longer term career plans. You will acknowledge strengths and successes, and explore difficult situations.

Career Services Sample Pricing

Customized Packages to meet the Clients Needs: Negotiable

Existing Resume Review: $400

New Resume Creation or Complete Resume Rework: $650

Cover Letter Creation: $450

LinkedIn Audit: $300

Assessment (MBTI, STRONG, Career Beliefs Inventory, Strengthsfinder 2.0): $350
(includes cost of assessment, analysis and 1/2 hour client review session)

Mock Interview Prep: $350 (45 minute session, plus pre-work)

Networking Techniques (one hour session): $300

Effective Speaking/Elevator Pitch Techniques (in-depth, one hour session): $300

Individual Job Search Coaching (two 45-minute sessions): $400

Monthly Coaching Package (2 hours face-to-face/ 1 hour phone/ unlimited email): $1200

8-Session Professional Development Coaching Package: $2000

8-Session Career Discovery Coaching Package: $2000

Download the National Career Development Association Code of Ethics for the Practice.

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Heather uses a very personalized approach to her work with her clients. She was very helpful in both the conceptual aspects of career planning and the tactical aspects of the job search including task orientation, prioritization, follow-up and accountability. She also integrated assessments and expansive thinking into our work together, helping me think beyond the traditional paths that I was focused on.

Senior Vice President, Finance

Having worked with Heather for career counseling sessions, her expertise was evident from our first meeting but beyond that, she tailored our meetings based on my specific goals/needs. Heather is a coach and a mentor and also the advocate for her clients, until the clients learn to advocate for themselves. She guided our sessions by continually asking clarifying questions and by doing so, made me verbalize what it is I wanted out of our time together. Working with Heather has boosted my confidence and my certainty about how to brand myself for the next right opportunity.

Senior Business Partner, IT

In my experiences with Heather, she has demonstrated her vast experience and knowledge in her field. She is quickly able to address the challenges of a seasoned professional who is looking at potential changes in his or her career path. Heather uses anecdotal and empirical data to help her to guide her client into useful and logical progressions in the career search pathways.